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01. April, 11


A Richard Stanley Film
New Teaser Trailer Released
+ a snippet out of a HARDWARE making of

You've all read the stonking interview with Richard on, which we at the Shadow Theatre considered a fine piece of press.

You should know there's a new Richard Stanley short film coming up, called MOTHER OF TOADS, starring the effable Catriona McColl (from the best Fulci films, more or less) and featuring a score from Simon Boswell. The score is said to be grand, and based on the images, it looks the part already.

You should know that SHADOW OF THE GRAIL has been released as an e-book, gathering up his investigation on our favorite SS officer (if such a term should even exist), Otto Wilhelm Rahn.

But there's more. In A Season of Soft Rains is a film that has lingered in and out of existence from a short film to a feature film project.

In a near-future Great Britain, an American assassin codenamed Archangel is sent to eliminate the last remaining member of a royal family, who is leading an underground resistance against the goverment. (Download the screenplay here.)

Quite Alan Moore. We like the trailer, as well, edited by our Shadow Theatre irregular, E. Ranzani.

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