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Various projects

Various projects

The following projects have been worked on at some point, though their current status is unknown. Also, there's is not enough material to justify invidual pages for them.


The Wastelanders: "Low budget American horror thriller - Dust Devil does Arizona. This time with better songs. ( "One day it's gonna be MY voice you'll be hearin' on that radio!")"

Mentioned in Richard Stanley's Curriculum Vitae.

Stray: To be produced by Recorded Picture Company, with Carine Adler directing from a script by Richard Stanley. The film is based on a novel by Vicki Allan, being a psychological thriller that revolves around a stray cat. Emily Mortimer is attached to star.


Society 2: Body Modification: Announced by Stephen Biro, head of Unearthed Films, as a part of a 10 horror film deal, with Richard Stanley being "interested" in directing.
Mentioned in Fangoria on Sep 18th, 2003.

"The script was sent to me a year and a half ago, and I've never heard back from them since then. So it doesn't seem like a realistic proposition."
[Richard Stanley on Society 2 in Espoo Ciné, 2004.]


The Fall of the House of Usher: Based on a novel by Edgar Allan Poe.
Mentioned in Stradanove on May 29th, 2001.

Reportedly a quite vivid recreation, as I heard a person lukewarm towards Stanley's work to have disliked it for taking some liberties from the original story.


The Wizard of Wicklow: "An Irish witchcraft story set in the Fifties." "The 20th century through the eyes of a deranged vaudevillian, who develops miraculous powers after suffering shellshock on the Western Front."
Mentioned in The Massacre of My Movies, May 3rd 1997.


Nemesis: 'Reservoir Dogs meets The Evil Dead, chiefly because its largely bound to one location, and involves a shapeshifting alien demon which does unspeakable gloopy things to most of the leads." Gloopy? "Yeah, it's a pretty gloopy script, but I haven't been able to get it off the ground, even though H.R. Giger was interested in doing the demon.' Mentioned in The Madness of Moreau, 1996.

"The idea was - there is a poem by H.P. Lovecraft with that title - the story is about a bank robbery in Netherlands, they break into the vault of a very old European bank to get the diamonds, and they do it on Queen's day, there is a party to cover up the noise of jack-hammers. Together with the diamonds they get a box left there since the World War II. It's got some triangular black stones in it, and one of the guys cuts his hand on a stone or something, and then they're trapped in the vault because the police surround them, and then a demon possesses one of the hoods."
[Richard Stanley in Espoo Ciné, 2004.]

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