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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Richard Stanley, or do you work for him and is this site affiliated to him in any official way?

No. I am not Richard Stanley, nor do I work for him. The site is a non-profit and completely unofficial manifestation of my affection towards Mr. Stanley's body of work.

I'd like to contact Richard Stanley, could you relate my message to him or even give me his address?

No. I don't deliver Mr. Stanley's mail, nor do I give out his contact information to people. For official requests, try contacting his agent. For unofficial matters, approach him through his MySpace.

When is Richard Stanley going to make a new film?

I'm more or less as much in the dark in these matters as you are. I know Mr. Stanley is keen to return to feature filmmaking and rest assured, when the bits fall into place, official statements will be made. Various rumors are another matter; bear in mind that film projects are shopped around for financing constantly with different names mentioned et all, which doesn't necessarily mean they are actually becoming reality.

What does 'Betweeen death and the Devil' stand for anyway?

I believe the phrase itself is a variation of 'between a rock and a hard place', which refers to two separate possible outcomes, equally unattractive and tribulating. Also, the previous incarnations of the site featured an image consisting of three Tarot cards, in which the name character of Dust Devil was surrounded by cards of Death and Devil. This was not completely my own idea, as Richard Stanley has mentioned it in some interviews.

"I just figured at the time when I made Dust Devil it was like a Tarot card in which the travelling man with his worn down boot heels somewhere between towns, walking the miles somewhere out there had to be defined." [Richard Stanley in Dust Devil, Tarkovsky and God.]

"[The man with no name is] almost well defined enough to be installed in an Aurora Monster Model Kit or have a special Tarot card all to himself." [Richard Stanley in Kinokaze - Report from the Underground.]

Why did you do this?

I felt like it.

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