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by Laser Paradise

Laser Paradise published Hardware under their Red Edition label, which is said to be a bit dubious. I was pleasently surprised to find out that someone along the line seemed to care for the film.

As far as I can tell, the disc is based on the best release Hardware ever got during its initial run, the Japanese laserdisc, which has sold like hot cakes over the years. The picture is fullscreen, but I didn't really find anything crucial missing while comparing it to the letterboxed UK VHS. It's quite possible that Hardware was shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio and later clipped to widescreen, making this version an open-matte. The picture quality equals the laserdisc, which is pretty sufficient - though the screen still gets unbelievably dark at places. Soundtracks include English & German Dolby 2.0 and 5.0.

Extras include the covers for the Japanese LD and the Italian VHS (latter of which is wonderful), the German trailer, scenes cut from the German theatrical release and Offscreen's interview with Richard Stanley. The interview's in German, but the English version is all around the net, including here. Also, the menus are animated and they're pretty stylish.

And to make it perfectly clear: Yeah, it's uncut, most definetly. In fact, the film was even more gruesome than I remembered!

A pretty damn fine release. Hope Laser Paradise can get their upcoming Dust Devil disc on par with this one.

Region code R2 (PAL)
Running time 90 min.
Picture Fullscreen
(Open Matte (?))
Sound Dolby Surround 5.1 & Dolby Digital 2.0
Where to buy?
1A-DVD Shop Germany
FAB Press United Kingdom
Xploited Cinema United States
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