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Hardware (Rel. 1990)

Originally released in 1990, Hardware is one of the greatest movies you've never seen. The Face coined Richard Stanley's acclaimed feature debut as "The Terminator of the nineties", redefining the word 'misleading'. The futuristic story of a woman being trapped in her apartment with a killer droid - shot with only £ 1 million - became a box office hit and gained a cult following.

A straight-forward plot (based on a 2000AD comic strip) is more or less redeemed by a detailed background world, plenty amounts of sex and violence and amusing celebrity cameos. The film would have the potential to go through the roof, yet it keeps circling the room. That's basically why it's called a 'cult classic' instead of a 'classic'.

Hardware is currently available on DVD, VHS and laserdisc. The UK VHS is letterboxed and uncut, as is the Japanese Laserdisc. The US VHS and LD are somewhat cut and presented in pan&scan.

A German company called Laser Paradise has published Hardware on R2 DVD under its less-used name MARK-13, basing it (presumably) on the aforementioned Japanese laserdisc. The disc is very good as a whole, filling the gap quite nicely. On the other hand, the R1 release by the Disney-owned Buena Vista has unfortunately been cancelled during the last minute and the Mouse company's yet to say when it will come out.

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