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That Deadwood Feeling
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Ciao, Dario!

That Deadwood Feeling
(pka "Deadwood", "Three Men in a Restaurant")
(dir. Simon Ubsdell)

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three men in a restaurant
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"[Stanley] recently acted in an independent horror film shot last December in London, where he played a raving maniac who gets bloodily massacred and dumped in the Thames." [Originally mentioned in The Great God Pan Introduction, 2002.]

"When three friends meet in a restaurant and set out to dream up a movie, they plan on becoming players in the great game of life. Mike has the contacts, Julian has the intellect and Frank - well, Frank has an answer to everything. A minor obstacle is that they haven't a single original idea between them - until Fate steps in and a mysterious and reclusive stranger presents them with his life story. The three men attack the project with more enthusiam than expertise, until a tragic accident changes everything. And suddenly the story they have been pursuing starts mysteriously pursuing them. For friends of black comedys warmly recommended." [Taken from Britspotting 2004.]

The film is said to be "a black comedy throwing critical light on contemporary practice in the British Film Industry", with Stanley playing a character called Deep Throat. Another thespian is said to be Stanley film veteran, William Hootkins. There is a web site for The Electric Company, which promises to feature the film as their 'Internet Movie', but so far it hasn't appeared there.

Jul, 05: Producer Donall McCusker said a press release will appear shortly.

Feb, 07: The official website now features an image gallery and a trailer.

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