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Split Screen (Episode #41, Rel. 1999)

Stanley appeared in Split Screen, a show about independent filmmaking, in the segment "The Incredibly Strange Director Who Stopped Directing & Became a Dog-Man Extra!". As you can see, the segment is primarily about the chaos at the set of The Island of Dr. Moreau.

"Split Screen asks Stanley the question that has been keeping film fans up at night for almost four years now "What went wrong on the Moreau set??" According to Stanley, "the easiest thing for everyone to believe about Moreau is that someone was crazy. Either I was crazy, or Brando was crazy, or Val (Kilmer) was crazy. But really, it was all a conspiracy where everyone was played against each other -- the primal forces of evil at work."

Stanley recounts being fired and opens up to IFC about his covert attempt to find out what, exactly, was going on with the film he'd waited his whole life to make. Stanley confesses to donning a latex mask and disguising himself as a "dog-man extra" so that he could sneak back onto the set of one of the strangest films ever made." [Taken from Grainy Pictures' press release for Split Screen episode #41.]

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