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Former updates (should anyone care)


05. Dec, 09

Terra Umbra = Empire of Shadows
A New Interactive Website Launched

Terra Umbra is a new mindwrenching website drawing on over 20 years of research by filmmaker and anthropologist Richard Stanley and his associates in the Shadow Theatre. Learn the mysteries behind the material that inspired such authors as Dan Brown, Kate Mosse, Philip K. Dick, H.P. Lovecraft, Trevor Ravenscroft, Jules Verne and Otto Rahn. Terra Umbra combines historical research with ongoing exploration into the direct experience of the mysteries. Extraordinary claims demands extraordinary evidence, which is why Terra Umbra also features exclusive video interviews and hundreds of photographs.

Learn the true history of your world.

Richard Stanley is a filmmaker, anthropologist and esoteric scholar. He has written and directed such feature films as Hardware and Dust Devil. Terra Umbra – Empire of Shadows is a registered trademark of the Shadow Theatre, Ltd.


Between Death and the Devil will support and recommend all Terra Umbra channels as official sources of information. We sorta have to. We made the video.



05. Aug, 09

You can't stop progress.

Hardware / Severin coverTwitch Film has unveiled the artwork for the upcoming (Sept 29th) Severin Films R1 release of Hardware DVD/Blu-Ray. Also included are the upcoming extras.

Dust Devil has also resurfaced, as the long awaited early draft of the script has been added to the writing section. Amusingly, the front cover exclaims this particular copy belongs solely to producer Jo-Anne Sellar. She may request for it returned if completely necessary.

As for the recent news coverage regarding Vacation: Dean Cain, the Superman from the network series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, has been indeed casted as the leading man, Bryce. Cain is set to replace the once-attached Bruce Campbell, who had to withdraw from the project due to scheduling difficulties.

Everything is under control, and Amazon, taking pre-orders for the Hardware, apparently agrees the film will serve as a precursor for the new population control bill, to be issued through the regular channels. Visit their page and scroll down to product details; the categories should be of special interest. Appreciations for co-conspirator Wilson for cutting us in.


21. May, 09

Good things come to those who wait.

After years of promises, various legal clampdowns, and prints which have boggled our inquisitive minds with their nonsensical running times, Hardware is finally about to hit the North American DVD and Blu-ray market as a joint release by Norm Hill's Subversive Cinema and David Gregory's Severin Films. Hill and Gregory have both separately confirmed this information to us personally, so it's as official as it gets.

Whilst Norm Hill has earned his spurs with the North American DVD version of Dust Devil, a magnificent 5-disc edition which will remain in the format annals as one of the finest releases any movie has ever been graced with, Severin Films has also carved a strong reputation as a go-to place for cult film enthusiasts. One of their soon-to-be talked about releases will be Enzo G. Castellari's original Inglorious Bastards, which should prompt Quentin Tarantino to place his pre-order before the day closes.

With the European DVD and Blu-ray release already cleared, Hardware will be in good hands in the times to come, and the upcoming releases will no doubt serve as a reminder as to why Richard Stanley is one of the great (temporarily) forgotten masters of cult cinema.

Extras are currently set to include:

  • Audio commentary by Richard Stanley
  • Deleted scenes
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Stanley's 1989 hour-long Super 8 prequel, Incidents in an Expanding Universe

We are hoping that in the spirit of his Dust Devil release, Norm Hill will eventually work his magic and procure an additional soundtrack disc, but this is yet to be confirmed.

In any case, the wait will soon be over -- and everything is under control.

3. March, 09

Amazon UK is now accepting pre-orders for a R2 DVD release of Hardware, set for release on June 22nd, 2009. What's interesting is that while there have been no concrete news on the release as of yet, the company in charge is Optimum Home Entertainment, known for their UK DVD release of Dust Devil in 2006.

Therefore, while there's a glimmer of hope that the long-suffering film may finally surface at least in Europe, all those interested should note that Amazon US did the same thing with the R1 release in 2003, even setting up a specific date. Six years after, we're still waiting.

Get those pre-orders going and keep your fingers crossed.


28. June, 08

Added an interview Richard Stanley gave to last year.


19. June, 08

Kingdom Come, Stanley's open letter to the Pentagon from last year, has now been revamped and added to the writing section.


21. April, 08

We're on MySpace now.


13. April, 08

All silence is meant to broken.

First off, Richard's recent MySpace journal on the search for the Three Mothers, who are the central characters of Dario Argento's famed movie trilogy, has now been removed from its clunky original environment and completely redone to a hopefully more easily enjoyable form. Whether you read the entries last year or are a newcomer to the mystery, I recommend you check out Richard's written record on the subject here.

I'm told more concurrent news is to follow very soon...


16. Nov, 07

On October 20th, Between Death and the Devil reached the formidable age of five years. These five years have proved to be a strange journey to say the least.

At the moment, 2008 promises to give out more answers than the years before, which is why I'll withhold from going into further detail.

Hope you understand.

30. Sept, 07

Updated the Rites of Passage page with additional info and screencaps. The film is available on the DVD release of Europe - 99 Euro Films 2.

Added a few Stanley articles from Fangoria.

A very informative Stanley interview has recently been published at It should be noted that while Stanley mentions the Hardware DVD rights to have been cleared, this is not unfortunately the case - yet.


13. Aug, 07

Added a comparison on the Miramax cut and the Final Cut of Dust Devil, courtesy of James Flower, who recently pitted Richard Stanley's workprint and director's cut against one another.

The essay features exclusive video clips from the Italian version, Demoniaca.


21. Jul, 07

James Flower has written an exhaustively detailed comparison of Dust Devil's two main versions; the 114' workprint and the Final Cut. James has previously tackled on the differences of the Final Cut and the bastardized cut, Demoniaca; his notes on that study can be found here.

Richard Stanley has agreed to release two of his unproduced screenplays, the long-standing science fiction project In a Season of Soft Rains and the "feminist plane crash chiller" Death's Other Kingdom. The Soft Rains script is dated for May 21st, 2004 and DOK for January 3rd, 2005.

Oh, yes. Wakko, Yakko, and the rest of you Animaniacs. Richard has posted an open letter for you guys in his MySpace.


20. Jun, 07

Ground Zero is here! A new draft of the screenplay has just recently been released from the vaults of Shadow Theatre Films, now available for your reading pleasure. Expect all-around tightened action scenes, more vicious demises and a happy end (of the world).

Read the new script here.


11. Jun, 07

Ouch. There was a glitch on pages featuring the scripts for Hardware and its upcoming sequel, which omitted the links to the actual script files.

This has now been corrected and you can again view both scripts here and here.


7. Jun, 07

hw2Imago Mortis, an Italian horror film with a script rewrite by Richard Stanley, will soon enter production. The film will be directed by Stefano Bessoni, who's currently wrapping up his feature debut, Frammenti di scienze inesatte (online sneak peeks of that film can be found here). Stanley commented the film's story at

"The plot concerns a death-fixated British film student getting way out of his depth in Rome as he attempts to uncover the truth behind a bizarre series of killings involving one of the darkest and most mysterious footnotes to cinema history - the lost art of 'thanatography'!" he continues, now giving meaning to the film's title which, in Latin, means Image of Death. "It's a form first perfected in the dark ages by rogue Jesuit Girolamo Fumagalli who - inspired by Kircher's principle of retinal retention - found a way of recording images in flesh, fixed for all eternity by the moment of death itself. Fumagalli was buried alive by the inquisition when his crimes became public knowledge and the thanatographic apparatus was thought to have died with him. Only now its deadly secret has been rediscovered." [Read full story]

Uploaded an old interview on Hardware.

And yes, that's Hardware 2: Ground Zero right there. Thrilling, no?


5. May, 07

The news won't stop. From Richard Stanley's blog:

"MGM and Optimum, 'HARDWARE's UK DVD distributor are proud to announce a major theatrical re-release of the original film and are striking several hundred new 35mm Dolby prints that will soon be finding their way into a cinema near you!"

That's right. The film will be remastered, re-released wide theatrically and put out on UK DVD! Stanley goes on to mention he expects Optimum to release the DVD in the fall; the film's soundtrack will also be reprinted. A US DVD release is planned, but not yet finalized. Subversive Cinema, who gave Dust Devil a de facto treatment with their box-set, is one of the companies interested in coming aboard.

These new developments are the best thing to happen to the film in years, and will deliver new blood to the near-mooted Hardware 2: Ground Zero.

In other news, Fangoria has recently spoken with Stanley on his in-development Afghan epic, Bones of the Earth. Read more about it here.

4. May, 07

Fangoria Online has published an article "Richard Stanley's morbid VACATION", in which he and his co-writer Maggie Moor discuss Vacation, their careers so far and their working relationship. Read it here. [Thanks to Will.]

And just when you thought you've heard it all, here's a project by Jay Kristopher Huddy and Paul Weiss:

""If we have to do the Hollywood pitch, it is the story of the greatest film never made," [Huddy] says of his current project. "I'm probably going to screw this up, but it's about how the Hollywood corporate monster just devoured this one man's career.

[...] They're both personally invested in Written Off, the working title of their currently in pre-production animated feature about the making of the 1996 The Island of Dr. Moreau, but explain it in different terms. Written by and originally slated to be directed by 1990s South African horror rising star Richard Stanley, Moreau--Stanley's dream project--was eventually helmed, with fascinatingly abysmal results, by Hollywood journeyman John Frankenheimer.

"And I'll say it on the record: At this point I know more about the making of this movie than anyone involved with it. I guarantee it. We've been researching this for years. We're steadily moving ahead."

Huddy and Weiss have completed their Written Off script and are in the process of voice casting, aiming to begin production in the beginning of 2007 for a completion date by the first quarter of 2008. They're self-financing the project to retain creative control and working in animation to introduce some more fanciful elements to their version of the drama."

Read the full article here.

Cinematographer Immo Horn, Richard Stanley's frequent collaborator, has recently opened his official website, which features video clips from his various works, photographs from Afghanistan during the Voice of the Moon shoot in 1989, and even a brief diary from the recent trek to Iceland and shooting, among other things, The Sea of Perdition.

As you may have noticed, Black Tulips has been removed from YouTube, along with the MP4 link on co-writer/starlet Maggie Moor's official site. Stanley has commented the situation in his official blog:

"[the working copy of 'BLACK TULIPS'] has now been moved to a new site by [Maggie Moor's] webmistress, Jen Welker, an increasingly loose cannon who was apparently responsible for posting the rough cut in the first place, a development that took both myself and Ms.Moor by surprise! A pleasant one, considering the feedback that has come our way since otherwise Ms. Welker (duly named and shamed) would probably have been hearing from our lawyers. Maggie (possibly the only person on the planet less techno-savvy than myself) placed Jen in charge of her site while she was out of the country and since then her former friend seems to have gone, well.. a little funny. I've never met or spoken to the young lady although I have tried leaving messages at her site which seems to be a front for some sort of phony charity. (something along the lines of donate your hard earned bucks to me and I will help restore peace and love to the world, resolve the Arab/Israeli conflict, global famine, whatever) By all means check out 'BLACK TULIPS' if you so wish, know it is a rough cut with very temp sound not originally intended for public consumption but do not under any circumstances part with cash or credit card details. Ms.Welker is not a friend of mine, has made no attempt to explain herself and is acting entirely without charter from myself or the Shadow Theatre and its various cells.. Otherwise her bootleg can be viewed at it's new address -"

- From Richard Stanley's MySpace

15. April, 07

Richard Stanley's short film from 2002, Children of the Kingdom, has now been uploaded to his MySpace account and can be viewed here. The film shows Stanley illustrating more experimental horror than ever before with a blistering soundtrack and moody setpieces of which Neil Marshall might've taken notes while creating The Descent, his recent horror film showing the downsides of spelunking.

It's worth noting that Children of the Kingdom was shot with less than 100 euros, because it was originally included in the segment film Europe - 99 Euro Films 2, comprised of the short films by several different filmmakers worldwide.

6. April, 07

What a difference a day makes. From Richard Stanley's blog:

"A new backer has emerged for 'Vacation', adding a further 250 grand to the pot, bringing the total to three quarters of a million dollars, three quarters of the figure we need to actually shoot the beast. For the first time the odds seem to be stacked in my favour and although I hate to count my chickens it looks very much like we'll be rolling camera come October, Inshallah. Still a million miles of rough road ahead but with three quarters in the kitty and Bruce Campbell in the wings the project is finally gathering steam."

"Hardware's fortunes also seem set for an eleventh hour upturn. With the DVD rights now practically worthless as a result of the industry going slowly but steadily down the tubes Miramax (or what remains of it) has finally agreed to come to the table. It's early days yet but just getting the various parties talking is akin to getting the Israelis and the Palestinians to sit down together.

There's unlikely to be any money in it but if I can crack this particular Rubik's cube we could see a director's cut scheduled for an autumn release. I'm hoping to drop the crappy ADR lines added for the initial cinema run (mostly to soften the characters and make them seem more in control) as well as reinstating a couple of teeny, weeny yet oddly telling things omitted at the time."

On related news, two interesting DVD releases are soon available. Vampire Diary, which features Stanley playing the part of a 'Spanish Rapist', is set to come out on May 21st, 2007. Play UK is accepting preorders. The Abandoned, a horror film by Nacho Cerda, is hitting the streets on June 19th. Stanley co-wrote the film's screenplay with Cerda and Karim Hussain.

4. April, 07

Richard Stanley has opened a blog at his MySpace, offering his disillusioned views on the modern world and the film industry today, along with some updates on his professional endeavours.

"'VACATION' is a low budget sci-fi horror penned by myself and Miss Moor. Bruce Campbell (of Evil Dead and Bubba Hotep fame) fell in love with the script and passionately wants to play the lead man, Bryce, an aging banker who still fancies himself as a surfer and ends up trapped with his lap dancer girlfriend in a shabby, middle eastern beach resort after an apocalyptic solar storm destroys the west, forcing the luckless Americans to come to terms with a medieval, year zero environment and a hostile culture that holds them responsible for the world's pain. Sort of Lord of the Flies with credit cards. Oh, and Muslims. Them too. Which was probably a step too far for the Film Council but a necessary one. Of course it might go easier on me if I stayed clear of hot issues but think of how we react now to period German film-makers who pretended to ignore the holocaust?" [Read more]

24. March, 07

Black Tulips, a short film by Richard Stanley and Maggie Moor, is now available at Ms Moor's website, as well as YouTube. Riddled with in-jokes and references to Stanley's personal history, the film is somewhat a different animal than The Sea of Perdition, but by no means any less entertaining. As you will notice, the soundwork's not completely finished, but besides that, Black Tulips is a smoking little story stemming from the fertile working relationship of Stanley and Ms Moor, a relationship which will no doubt reach new heights with the feature film project Vacation. Watch it either in or YouTube. [Thanks to Anders.]

Richard Stanley's MySpace page has been opened. Access it here. Also, check out the related MySpace links from the left-hand side link bar.

The site has been modified to support PHP. All HTML documents are still available, but will redirect to PHP index pages of the respective sections. Please update any bookmarks or links accordingly.

19. Feb, 07

Added a DVD comparison of the various Dust Devil discs.

The Sea of Perdition, Richard Stanley's latest short film, is viewable at the editor Maria Armengou's MySpace, as well as on the Errant Films website.

A trailer for That Deadwood Feeling, a film in which Stanley acted in December 2001, is available at the official website.

The horror series Fearmongers has been cancelled. Their MySpace -page was recently updated with a blunt message.

""FEARMONGERS" is no more...
I apologize to all the directors that I hired.....

While we at Between Death and the Devil do not support dancing on anybody's grave, we'd like to note that Richard Stanley's involvement in the project was reportedly a done deal - despite the fact that he himself first heard about it through the offical announcement.

The Subversive DUST DEVIL box set giveaway - ROUND 3

Between Death and the Devil is proud to announce that Subversive Cinema's Norm Hill, along with his project manager Herb Quick, have given us promotional copies of Richard Stanley's Dust Devil DVD box set, which will be passed on through the site. The box sets are given free of charge, as BDD is and remains a non-profit entity. Make no mistake however, as this will be the real, 5-disc McCoy.

During this third round, we will be giving away ten (10) copies, with the recipients picked amongst those who will answer correctly to a trivia question. The contest is limited to only one answer per each contestant. Your contact information will only be used for shipping the box set, and will not be passed on to a third party, nor will we harass you by flooding your inbox with spam in the future. On the other hand, BDD will not assume any responsibility for any technical or emotional mishaps the box set might inflict to either your DVD player or next of kin. Should you find the disc(s) damaged, report the problem to us and we will look into possibly replacing your copy. In this case however, you must first send us the damaged disc / box set for further perusal. The shipping will be done via regular mail, unless the recipient will personally request some other form of shipping. After the shipping, we will notify the recipients on the shipping costs, which they may voluntarily compensate to us through a bank transfer upon receiving the box-set. By entering the competition, you acknowledge to have read and accepted the rules stated here.

The deadline is March 15th, 2007. Send in the answer, along with your name and contact information to

The Question. The image below features an item seen in one or two scripts found on this site. Name a script, the page number and the person(s) using it.

Dust Devil


19. Jan, 07

On behalf of Richard Stanley, Between Death and the Devil is proud to present


We thank him for making it available to the public.

3. Jan, 07

The Subversive DUST DEVIL box set giveaway - ROUND 2

Between Death and the Devil is proud to announce that Subversive Cinema's Norm Hill, along with his project manager Herb Quick, have given us promotional copies of Richard Stanley's Dust Devil DVD box set, which will be passed on through the site. The box sets are given free of charge, as BDD is and remains a non-profit entity. Make no mistake however, as this will be the real, 5-disc McCoy.

During this second round, we will be giving away ten (10) copies, with the recipients picked amongst those who will answer correctly to a trivia question. The contest is limited to only one answer per each contestant. Your contact information will only be used for shipping the box set, and will not be passed on to a third party, nor will we harass you by flooding your inbox with spam in the future. On the other hand, BDD will not assume any responsibility for any technical or emotional mishaps the box set might inflict to either your DVD player or next of kin. Should you find the disc(s) damaged, report the problem to us and we will look into possibly replacing your copy. In this case however, you must first send us the damaged disc / box set for further perusal. The shipping will be done via regular mail, unless the recipient will personally request some other form of shipping. In either case, he or she is to pay the shipping costs upon receival. By entering the competition, you acknowledge to have read and accepted the rules stated here.

The deadline is February 1st, 2007. Send in the answer, along with your name and contact information to

The Question. The image below is from the cover sleeve of one certain release of Hardware. In which country and format was this cover used?

Bonus question: Who is the person on the left of the image?

Hardware cover art
Click the image to enlarge


28. Dec, 06

As the last update for the year, added a Hardware coverage from a 1991 Cinefantastique.
[Thanks, Will.]

Happy New Year 2007!

17. Dec, 06

A new interview with Richard Stanley has been posted online at Suicide Girls. Spoiler note: Stanley basically gives away the plot of his new short film, Sea of Perdition, during the first answer.

Subversive Cinema will release a one-disc version of Dust Devil - The Final Cut in March 2007; sans the documentaries and the workprint.

The Abandoned, a horror film co-scripted by Stanley, will be released theatrically in the US on January 12th, 2007.

7. Dec, 06

On November 5th, Richard Stanley presented Dust Devil on The Compass of Horror, an international London-based film festival. A bit surprisingly, he informed the audience that this was to be the last screening before the 35mm print would be turned over to the British Film Institute archives.

Dust Devil has finished his decade-lasting journey through cinemas across the globe.

3. Dec, 06

Round 1 has ran its course. The correct answer to the question, who played Shades in Incidents in an Expanding Universe, was Anton Beebe, as can be seen here. Beebe's further works include music videos for acts like Skunk Anansie. The winners will be contacted personally and with any luck might receive their box sets in time to put under the Christmas tree.

Merry Xmas to the lot of you and join us next year for Round 2.

19. Nov, 06

The Subversive DUST DEVIL box set giveaway - ROUND 1

Between Death and the Devil is proud to announce that Subversive Cinema's Norm Hill, along with his project manager Herb Quick, have given us promotional copies of Richard Stanley's Dust Devil DVD box set, which will be passed on through the site. The box sets are given free of charge, as BDD is and remains a non-profit entity. Make no mistake however, as this will be the real, 5-disc McCoy.

During this first round, we will be giving away ten (10) copies, with the recipients picked amongst those who will answer correctly to a trivia question. The contest is limited to only one answer per each contestant. Your contact information will only be used for shipping the box set, and will not be passed on to a third party, nor will we harass you by flooding your inbox with spam in the future. On the other hand, BDD will not assume any responsibility for any technical or emotional mishaps the box set might inflict to either your DVD player or next of kin. Should you find the disc(s) damaged, report the problem to us and we will look into possibly replacing your copy. In this case however, you must first send us the damaged disc / box set for further perusal. The shipping will be done via regular mail, unless the recipient will personally request some other form of shipping. In that case, he or she is to pay the shipping costs upon receival. By entering the competition, you acknowledge to have read and accepted the rules stated here.

The deadline is December 1st, 2006. Send in the answer, along with your name and contact information to

The Question. Who played Shades in Incidents in an Expading Universe? Also name another work by this person.

The answers are around us...

Who am I?

26. Oct, 06

The promo video for Tripping the Dark Fantastic, from Simon Boswell's album Open Your Eyes, is available at Boswell's official website. The promo was directed by Richard Stanley and features the Italian horror director Dario Argento.

24. Oct, 06

The Abandoned will be one of the eight films featured in the After Dark Horrorfest during November 17th-19th. The festival covers 35 markets and 500 theatres, in all of which the films will shown during a single weekened. Tickets will go on sale in Halloween.

Read more on the After Dark website. [Thanks to Will.]

7. Oct, 06

The Subversive Cinema box-set of has been shipped out to several customers, with in general a highly positive response. As previously reported, the set was sold out a good month before its release (in late August) and currently Subversive has no plans to reprint it as such. Between Death and the Devil will catch on the subject in due time. Those of you, who have the set, enjoy it. Those who don't might consider not to wallow in grief, but instead ask themselves; "Do I believe in Santa?"

Visit Subversive Cinema's news blog for latest reviews and up-to-date information concerning the release.

Richard Stanley will be present at the Sitges Film Festival on October 12th, attending the tribute screening of Dust Devil, Hardware and his new short film, Sea of Perdition. The screening will be held at the Casino Prado, scheduled to start at 01 o'clock. On the same day, Nacho Cerda's The Abandoned, co-written by Stanley, will be screened at Auditori Melià, beginning at 20.45. Stanley will be accompanied by his Sea of Perdition starlet Maggie Moor, who has also served as his writing partner on the short film Black Tulips and the feature film project Vacation.

Sea of Perdition trailer should be available at the Errant Films website. (Update: Oct, 23rd.) The trailer is now available at YouTube.

23. Sept, 06

Richard Stanley has completed one segment of the experimental film show Advance!, based on a piece of music by the Islandic composer Johann Johannsson. The music is taken from his latest album, IBM 1401 - A User's Manual. All five segments were shot on location in Iceland.

Stanley's segment has been described as "a Warren Comics style short film starring Maggie Moor as a stranded cosmonaut on Mars".

The film will premiere at the Sitges Fantasy and Horror Festival on 12th October at midnight. It is also planned to be presented by Johannsson during a European tour starting in November.

The segments are, as follows:
The Woodcutter - dir: Maxwell Isaac
The Sea of Perdition - dir: Richard Stanley (with Vacation co-writer Maggie Moor in the lead)
The Magician - dir: Corentin Lecourt (starring Richard Stanley!)
Feral - dir: Nikolai Galitzine
Borderland - dir: Immo Horn (cinematographer on Stanley's documentary films)

More information over at Errant Films. [Thanks to HoodooVoodoo.]

2. Sept, 06

Subversive Cinema has announced to have sold out the limited edition of their upcoming Dust Devil box-set. The street date of the release will be September 29th, and it will more or less disappear from the shelves when it happens.

Their site has also been updated with new trailers on their site for Voice of the Moon, The Secret Glory and The White Darkness. Go see what you're missing.

As for the recent Fearmongers -series rumor, it appears to be just that. Apparently, Stanley himself hasn't been contacted on the matter as of yet, nor has he signed a contract.

11. Aug, 06

Richard Stanley is currently attached to direct an episode for Fearmongers, a 13-part series of hour-long horror movies. The lineup, consisting of indie directors, has been a revolving door due to "contractual issues", but at the moment Stanley appears to share a directing slot along with his In the Belly of the Beast -co-stars Karim Hussain (The Abandoned co-writer) and Jim VanBebber (The Manson Family). How this will affect Stanley's announced feature film project Vacation is currently unknown.

The MySpace account for Fearmongers can be found here. [Originally appeared in Fangoria, with thanks to Will.]

Apparently, FrightFest, a London-based horror film festival, will feature a special screening this year: A Richard Stanley -directed promo for Simon Boswell's new album, Close Your Eyes, featuring the Italian horror filmmaker Dario Argento freestyling over a track(!). In early 2005, it was reported that Stanley and Boswell had together embarked on a trip to Rome, visiting and shooting material of Argento.

Close Your Eyes is set to be released in September 2006 by Flick Records. The record will feature remixes of his feature film scores, including Phenomena, Stagefright and Santa Sangre. True to Boswell's style, they are likely to feature spoken word derived from the actual films, as guest appearances of Ewan McGregor (Shallow Grave) and Ray Winstone (The War Zone) suggest. Santa Sangre -director Alejandro Jodorowsky will appear on the soundtrack as well.

In September, Boswell's out of print Dust Devil soundtrack will also be re-issued as a part of Subversive Cinema's box-set.

FrightFest runs from 25th to 28th of August. [Originally appeared in DarkDreams, with thanks to Dejan.]

26. July, 06

Subversive Cinema has updated their site with a pre-order page (along with the cover art) and a new trailer for their Dust Devil: The Final Cut DVD. Still 10,000 copies to go. Also, their weblog now contains frame grabs of the new transfer.

Reflections  The big kiss  Cover art  Mukurob

Click the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.

Nacho Cerda's The Abandoned will have its world premiere at the Toronto Internation Film Festival in the Midnight Madness section. Co-written by Stanley, the Spanish horror film marks as a debut feature for Cerda. Click here for the Fangoria article and the trailer here.

22. July, 06

Reviewed the Optimum DVD release of Dust Devil.

Subversive Cinema have published the specs for the R1 release to be released on September 26th. The edition will be limited to 10,000 copies ($29,95 a piece), and will not be reprinted.

Disc One:
Dust Devil the Final Cut (w/ commentary with Richard Stanley and Norman Hill)
107 min Hi Def transfer, 16×9 widescreen (1.85:1). Transfer approved by Richard Stanley.
5.1 mix, 2.0 Dolby Stereo mix
Richard Stanley Production diaries on the Making of
Featurette: A Demon Reborn: The Final Dust Devil
Making of Dust Devil (from the Laser Paradise disc)
Trailer for long lost 16mm version of Dust Devil

Disc Two:
A reconstruction of the Work Print release, time approx. 114 minutes, non-anamorphic widescreen (1.85:1), 2.0 stero mix

Disc Three:
Voice of the Moon - documentary on Afganhastan (w/ commentary by Richard Stanley and Norman Hill)
White Darkness - documentary on Haitian Voodoo (w/ commentary by Richard Stanley)
Richard Stanley Production diaries on the Making of White Darkness

Disc Four:
Secret Glory - documentary on the search for the grail and the neo-Nazi movement (w/ commentary by Richard Stanley and Norman Hill)
Richard Stanley Production diaries on the Making of Secret Glory


23. June, 06 reports the pre-orders of the Optiumum Dust Devil DVD have been sent out. Despite earlier reports, this edition might NOT include Stanley's documentary, The White Darkness.

Added Youtube hyperlinks to music videos directed by Stanley, found here.

3. June, 06

The R2 DVD release of Dust Devil will include the following:

- The 103-minute director's cut
- An exclusive UK commentary track by Richard Stanley
- Deleted scenes
- The White Darkness, Stanley's voodoo documentary

Optimum is releasing the disc on June 26th. Preorders available at and Amazon.

2. May, 06

Subversive Cinema has given an update on the upcoming Dust Devil DVD release, which is also set to include Stanley's three documentaries. Apparently, Stanley has recently completed recording commentary tracks for the release.

The R1 disc is set to come out on September 26th, 2006.

13. Apr, 06

Richard Stanley is to direct a promo video for Carl McCoy's Fields of the Nephilim. Stanley and Nephilim previously collaborated 15 years ago, with the band's first promos, Preacher Man and Blue Water.

Read the official press release. [Thanks to 7Management.]

25. Mar, 06

When it rains, it pours. Optimum Releasing has an R2 disc of Dust Devil listed for a June 26th release in their online shop. The disc appears to be the director's cut, running at 104 minutes. Possible extras are not known at the moment.

25. Feb, 06

The world has truly gone mad.

Fango got the scoop from Subversive Cinema about a bunch of its upcoming DVDs. Most notably, the company has made a deal with Richard Stanley's Shadow Theatre Films to release the long-awaited definitive director's-cut edition of Stanley's 1992 chiller DUST DEVIL. This release will be titled DUST DEVIL: THE FINAL CUT and is tentatively scheduled to street September 26; it hasn't been determined how many discs it'll be, but the feature will be accompanied by three Stanley documentaries (THE WHITE DARKNESS, THE SECRET GLORY and VOICE OF THE MOON), and all four will have commentaries by the director. In addition, there will be never-before-seen deleted scenes from the original workprint, and likely still more supplements. - From Fangoria.

More on this as we get it. September will see an early Christmas.

8. Jan, 06

Added an interview with Stanley from 1997, recorded at the Fant-Asia film festival. Matters discussed are Dust Devil, Voice of the Moon and The Secret Glory.

13. Nov, 05.

John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) of Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd. fame has released an extensive compilation of his musical career on CD and DVD. Called The Best of British £1 Notes, the DVD version consists of completely remastered promo videos, including the uncensored version of The Body, directed by Richard Stanley.

More information here.

26. Oct, 05.

William Hootkins, Richard Stanley's regular cast member, passed away on October 23rd in Santa Monica, having suffered from pancreatic cancer.

Rest in Peace, Mr Hootkins.

23. Oct, 05.

Hardware is getting a new release on the 25th of November on German DVD, as a Hartbox with the edition limited to 666. Shrewd.

Looking at the specs, it appears to be identical to the Laser Paradise disc, with the same aspect ratio, extras and running time. On the plus side, the cover is way cooler.

Should anyone buy this, let me know what's it like.

[Thanks to Will.]

25. Sep, 05

Simon Duric, who is currently working on Richard Stanley's upcoming Vacation as a storyboard artist, has commented the project:

"As for Richards fans waiting for the movie - it looks good in the sense of it getting made! Theres always a danger of any project collapsing at any point, Vacation is looking healthy. Regardless of budget restrictions, there are going to be some great scenes! I'm looking forward to more storyboarding sessions, i can't wait to get out there and see it put together. Its gonna be a very gritty but intelligent film, one to watch and rewatch. It'll offend as much as it will impress. Thats my humble opinion!"

Vacation is currently in preproduction.

Also added some Espoo Cine material - finally.

12. Jul, 05

After narrating his documentary The Secret Glory and starring in his short film Children of the Kingdom, Richard Stanley resumed his minor acting career in Simon Ubsdell's black comedy Deadwood. The film's producer Donall McCusker promised a press release to be out during the next few days, with a release seemingly in the cards. Meanwhile, see the our Deadwood page for publicity stills of Stanley in character!

26. Jun, 05

Justin Hopper commented the rewrite he's performing on The VIY, maintaining that he's working closely with Stanley and called the story very atmospheric.

He also mentioned the project is gathering some serious interest among the backers, with a possible greenlight not too far off.

22. Jun, 05

Hagop Matossian has given out some new information concerning Black Tulips.

11. Jun, 05

Added a few small articles on Hardware's early days, thanks to Dave for the other one.

The Viy seems to be in active development, as one Justin Hopper is credited for rewriting it. Hopefully this is a mere polish.

4. Jun, 05

We're not dead - nor are we late!

This news piece was made public sometime ago, and now it's finally open for discussion here. Interesting times ahead.

"Richard Stanley will direct digital action thriller Vacation about an American couple on a holiday from hell, with Michael Riley and RPC's Alexandra Stone producing." From AICN.

A page dedicated to the project has been opened in the Dev.Hell section, with details to be added there as they arrive.

28. Mar, 05

After a bit of delay, the third part is online.

Richard Stanley / Espoo Ciné, part III.

27. Feb, 05

We're on a roll. The second part is online.

Richard Stanley / Espoo Ciné, part II.

26. Feb, 05

After having gone through basically every single obstacle one might have, we've finally managed to pull out the first of the interview with Richard Stanley. Subsequent parts will be coming out soon.

Cheers to Dejan for the pretty monstrous workload he went through in transcribing the interview.

Richard Stanley / Espoo Ciné, part I.

30. Dec, 04

Thought I'd mention that the Laser Paradise DVD releases of Hardware and Dust Devil have been reprinted and are available in several online stores. See the respective pages on the site for hyperlinks.

21. Dec, 04

Happy Holidays!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Next year, you'll get your moneys worth.

7. Nov, 04

Phew, two months without updates. Fear not, we haven't forgotten you and are currently working on some interesting things. Unfortunately, life tends to have a way of hindering even the smallest undertakings.

Richard Stanley recently wrote an article on Arthur Machen's life and short stories for Guardian Books Unlimited as Tartarus Press has recently published a Machen collection called Ritual and Other Stories. Read the review here and see also Stanley's treatment for Machen's famed The Great God Pan here. [With thanks to Stuart.]

4. Sep, 04

From the question thread:

I met Richard Stanley.

I taped over two hours of footage while interviewing Richard Stanley.

Richard promised I will receive copies of the exqusite documentaries I saw and also an early draft of DUST DEVIL as well as his one unproduced work that will unfortunately never see the light of day. It's called HARDWARE II: GROUND ZERO. The scripts will hopefully go online at some point, as well as the interview, once I work on it a bit and consult Phoebus on the matter of hosting it.

Richard was an out and out nice guy, very friendly and seemed to honestly take a liking of me. I think we hit off great, I'm only a bit disappointed we didn't have as much time together on Sunday. Last I saw him, I quickly scribbled down my mail address and made sure he got it. I hope I'll be able to stay in touch with him in the future.

If you're reading this Richie, I had a great time hanging out with you and will hopefully bump into you again in the future.

Peace out.


Oh, and Richard advised me that Guy Pearce is currently attached to his new project called THE BONES OF THE EARTH. There's a pretty good chance of that one actually happening, although they still need to cast another lead character.

I hope he will come back from Afghanistan in one piece to do that one, and also hope he will manage to shoot an abundance of great rushes for the upcoming VOICE OF THE MOON -sidequel called EYE OF THE SUN.

What a filmmaker, what a character.

16. Aug, 04

The forum has been opened. Go check it out and play nice, kids.

Update, 18. Aug, 04: We've created a question thread to the board in which you can submit a question that you'd like to ask Richard Stanley. We will select some of those questions and try to get Stanley answer them at the Espoo filmfestival.

Initial deadline for submitting: Aug 25th.

No quarantees whatsoever.

14. Aug, 04

Everything is under control.

The help arrived as Phoebus, the man behind, a work-in-progress Hardware site, agreed to host my site on the side. Between Death and the Devil will now serve as its autonomous sister site and one's development / updating / etc. is likely not to affect the other too much. So rest assured, things will hopefully remain in a pretty normal fashion. I also hope the small ad I agreed to put up in exchange for Phoebus' hospitality will stand up for the unavoidable scrutiny.

As an added bonus, we are currently looking into having a joint discussion forum, which will focus on Richard Stanley's films and also esoteric cinema in general. More news are forthcoming once we really get it up and running.

Anyway, the new base URL (where the walkingman redirect now points to as well) is

5. Aug, 04

Just chiming in to warn you that the site will be moving pretty soon - once again. If anyone has free server space and is willing to do charity, by all means contact me. I'm currently looking into keeping this thing ad-free, but that may end up pricy for me. So we'll see.

Oh, and The Secret Glory website has been updated. The teaser page has been edited, with 'Launching Spring 2004' now gone. Tomorrow it will exactly six months since I first reported on that one. Wonder if Stanley even remembers he has a site anymore?

27. July, 04

Screening dates for the upcoming Richard Stanley retrospective have been published in the Espoo Ciné website.

Aug 26th: Hardware.
Aug 28th: Voice of the Moon & The White Darkness.
Aug 29th: The Secret Glory & Dust Devil.

Article The Light and the Darkness: Myth in the Films of Richard Stanley has been published at Senses of Cinema. ss

12. July, 04

I realize the site looks a bit crappy when viewed with (at least) Mozilla Firefox 0.9, which is unable to recognize the CSS-file's MIME-type. I suspect the fault is in the webhosts settings and have informed them on the matter. With luck it'll be fixed soon.

7. July, 04

Minor tweaking, bunch of stuff reinstated in the Writing -section after receiving an all-clear sign for it and a new interview with Richard Stanley.

Incoming DVD: Various sources list Marillion's Brave DVD to be released on August 16th, accompanied by the 30 minute making-of (featuring Richard Stanley) and some additional 'behind the scenes' material. Still no mention on the band's official site, though.

2. July, 04

Tragic, if not completely unexpected news were made known recently: Marlon Brando has died in the age of 80. Richard Stanley had some kind words for the late actor in the Guardian website.

Rest in peace, Sir.

17. June, 04

I finally got around to doing something I should've done a good while ago and behold: BDD version 3.0! New layout and all-around improved/updated content. I was kind of hoping to do one big update for the summer but then again, things were stacking up so I thought I'll get this thing out in the open and let the other stuff wait for a while... You'll see it when you'll see it if you'll see it.

Funny that, Richard Stanley is seemingly going to pay a visit to my country (Finland) in late August, being a guest in Espoo Ciné. While there, he will host a retrospective which will feature all of his major works. So eat your hearts out. I know I will if I'll manage to miss it.

So all kinds of stuff is brewing up. Until then enjoy the summer and all that.

9. May, 04

Looks like Stanley has changed to a new talent agency.

Not that it matters much, but his new CV has been posted online. He has several projects in development as a writer/director, a few already known here. But the really funny thing is the Alien3 video game -commercial he apparently directed! Anybody ever seen this, looks like Stanley was way ahead of George A. Romero, who had a similar stint with Resident Evil 2 years later.

30. Apr, 04

Who wants to see Richard Stanley's documentaries have a proper DVD release? Anyone?

Aimimage, the company who have already had a hand in the making of The White Darkness, have a section up at their site measuring people's interest on buying certain titles if released. This is achieved by users registering as likely canditates to purchase the disc / VHS if made available. A single disc would tentatively cost £24.99, which is around 40 dollars / euros. Pretty steep, yet understandable if they would actually put out a limited edition.

Sign up for The Secret Glory here and for The White Darkness and Voice of the Moon here!

22. Apr, 04

Not really an update, just a fair warning.

The Laser Paradise DVD's, Hardware in particular, are steadily becoming rare commodities, so if you're thinking about grabbing one, I suggest you get a move on it. Dust Devil still has some more stock, since it was released on a later date but mind you; it's catching up. Currently the top seller at FAB Press and already sold-out from Xploited Cinema (with more copies on their way), the desertbound psycho killer is once again about to disappear. [Will will kill me for saying this, though.]

11. Apr, 04

A bit late an Easter egg, but here it goes: "Ashley Foster (center, with fellow documentarian Richard Stanley) is always happy to support Cinemuerte's Kier-la Janisse." Nice cap, Richie.

Kier-La Janisse, Ashley Foster, Richard Stanley  The image was accompanied by the following text, which refers to the FanTasia 2003 filmfestival: "Two filmmakers too long absent from screens contribute Thursday's viewing choices. Fantasia favorite Richard Stanley hasn't been idle in the years since Island of Dr. Moreau; he's been busy assembling a series of documentaries, including the previously shown White Darkness and Voice of the Moon and tonight's The Secret Glory. This one tells the story of Otto Rahn, a Nazi lieutenant with a fascination for the occult and an obsession with the Holy Grail, and does so in a compelling fashion." [Text and picture originally appeared in Fangoria Magazine #231, with thanks to Will.]

4. Mar, 04

There are two things I've been promising for a good while for nearly everybody and his brother. The first thing has been to put the Hardware screenplay back up as soon as I can get a confirmation somehow that Richard Stanley isn't going to sue me for it. The other thing I've been nearly making a slogan for myself; "Should there be such a place in the net, it would be my site."

If that sounds familiar, you've probably asked me where you can get Stanley's screenplay for The Island of Dr. Moreau. Fortunately, he seemed to be OK with that one as well. [And NO, I don't have his contact information.]

I thank him for being a good sport.

29. Feb, 04

Since it's leap day, I'm including something that should've managed to reach the previous update. Alas, thanks to some strange issues surrounding the acquiring of this piece, it's been waiting for a while. Anyway, Dejan jumped the gun and tracked the Sight & Sound coverage of Dust Devil down for me.

Thanks, man.

6. Feb, 04

A quite a hefty chunk of articles added to the Interviews section. Stuff about nearly everything and the kitchen sink.

This just in: has a teaser page on it and promises to be "Launching Spring 2004."


Addendum: They seem keep switching back and forth between and, sometimes both of them are up, sometimes neither. You should keep trying both until they make up their minds on the domain.

2nd addendum (24. Feb): They don't talk much, but when they do, I'm all ears. They said both domains are valid, therefore it shouldn't really make a difference which you'd like to use. (Yeah, and don't ask ME about when it's going up.)

9. Jan, 04

We've moved!

The new URL is Those who are using the walkingman redirect shouldn't notice a thing, others please update your bookmarks since the older site will be shut down.

I've also found an amiably customisable guestbook, so now you have a chance to leave your mark.

6. Jan, 04

This just in:

"January 5: Uncut DUST DEVIL to screen in NYC w/Richard Stanley

New York-area fans who have been waiting all these years to see Richard Stanley's director's cut of DUST DEVIL will finally have their chance this month. Anthology Film Archives will present the movie in two screenings on Saturday, January 31 at 6:30 and 10 p.m. Stanley will attend both showings of his own 35mm print. DUST DEVIL stars Robert (THINNER) Burke as an ancient, mythological killer stalking the African desert, with stunning location photography. Whether you've seen the truncated American version or not, it's well worth checking out."

Originally appeared in the Fangoria website [Thanks to Jeff].

19. Nov, 03.

I've finally received the Dust Devil DVD and I love it. Read more about it here.

In other news on the DVD front, the flawed film version of Marillion's Brave is said to be getting a release during the summer of 2004. We'll see. Another, a more interesting bit is on the Rotten Tomatoes site. They imply that Hardware would be getting its long-delayed R1 release on December 29th. Unfortunately it's barebones according to their site and Buena Vista would be practically ditching it if put out on an end-of-the-season date like that.

As for the other news, The White Darkness website has been beefed up with an interview with Richard Stanley and some other background material, and is now well worth checking out. Guess I'll have to take back some of my hard words on that one.

Some of you might've noticed that the Writing section is currently suspended. This is because it's ultimately Stanley's material that was in there, and I'd hesitate to put it back up again until knowing whether he'd be OK with it.

Lastly, a server change is, once again, looming in the horizon. I have no idea when it will ultimately happen, but those of you using the walkingman URL should experience no trouble in the transition. No ads will result of the change, by the way.

19. Oct, 03.

Ahem, what did I say? has recently opened its doors and to be seen are eight stills of the film. No text, not even the smallest bit. While remembering that Stanley is somewhat opposed to lecturing in documentaries, this shouldn't ultimately come as a surprise. Nice images anyway, go make your own conclusions.

27. Sep, 03.

Now THIS is interesting: Sheffield International Documentary Festival is screening The White Darkness on October 18th, and they've added a teaser clip on their site. Go check it out, although it's not much more than a (presumable) voodoo priest talking about the concept of sacrifice in their religion. Noneoftheless, it's still the first piece of film made it's way to the net.

Also, Aimimage Productions, the supplier of the film, has registered a domain called and we could be treated with some interesting sights of Haiti as the screening date lurches forward...

21. Sep, 03.

Is Richard Stanley's next big thing a sequel for Brian Yuzna's 1989 FX-piece Society? Could be. Unearthed Films head Steve Biro recently told Fangoria that they're about to produce the film - along with 9(!) other horror features - as direct-to-DVD with a budjet of $1 Million. A script is already in place, called Society II: Body Modification, written by Biro. Currently Stanley is in talks about helming it, so we'll have to wait and see. [With thanks to Duane for the headsup.]

14. Sep, 03.

I've left Angelfire behind for good after getting fed up with their advertising policy. With the new server you shouldn't be experiencing any ads at all. This has been a crunch time move and if you stumble on some broken links etc, please contact me via email.

The new base URL:

8. Aug, 03.

Added Island of Lost Souls, which is a quite in-depth analysis on what happened on the set of The Island of Dr. Moreau during the first few days, when Richard Stanley was onboard and his part on the later events. Also added some concept art to the Moreau page to go with it.

Some new stills on 99€ Films - The European Project and also an URL for the official site. Too bad the whole thing's in German.

26. July, 03.

Whole Quebec is getting hyped up: This week Montreal Mirror published an article on Richard Stanley's new documentaries, called Focus on evil. Not only that, but the sucker made its way to a cover story!

FanTasia people have also given some firm dates about the screenings. "Voice of the Moon screens with The White Darkness on Tuesday, July 29, 5:20pm, at Concordia's Hall theatre (1455 de Maisonneuve W.) and on Saturday, Aug. 2, 2:30pm, at the De Sève Cinema (1400 de maisonneuve w.). The Secret Glory screens on Thursday, Aug. 7, 5:20pm, in the Hall Theatre and on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2:30pm, in de Sève. Stanley will be hosting all screenings."

4. July, 03.

It looks like Laser Paradise made a homerun with the Dust Devil DVD: The cut they're using is indeed the 105 minute director's cut and they've also included a making of-documentary on the side. A must-have.

1A-DVD Shop has the disc in its catalog, along with the aforementioned Hardware disc. Ignore the 87 minute running time in their specs though, since it's already been proved otherwise.

FilmForce recently gave me yet another reason to like their site: They had Richard Stanley on the 'Featured filmmakers'-section.

17. May, 03.

From the Hardware DVD front there are some good news and some bad news. The bad news are that Buena Vista has apparently withdrawn their R1 release and there's no telling when (or if) they'll try again. The good news is that Laser Paradise's Red Edition release is top-notch. A short review of mine can be found here.

3. May, 03.

A BIG update. The layout's been totally remade, now using frames and JavaScript. Added new material, including the long-promised Hardware screenplay, Dust Devil diary and Gene Gregorits' Sex & Guts interview with Richard Stanley, for the first time in the net in full length (with thanks to Tracy).

In a couple of days the American DVD release of Hardware is at hand. If someone who will buy it would be courteous enough tell me about the transfer quality and possible extras, I'd be grateful. Myself, I'll be receiving the German R2 release by Laser Paradise sometime next week, and will then fill you up on that one. Some reliable people have told me that Laser Paradise will also release Dust Devil - The Final Cut DVD soon...

Last, but not least, a currently unconfirmed but very intriguing rumor: FantAsia 2003, the Canadian filmfestival running from july 17th to august 10th, is said to be screening all three Richard Stanley documentaries, Voice of the Moon, The Secret Glory and The White Darkness. This could very well be happening, since FantAsia already screened Dust Devil and Hardware in their '97 and '98 festivals, respectively. I've contacted the festival runners in hope of getting some more light on the matter.

16. Mar, 03.

Added a new interview with Stanley. Also, shameless selfpromotion: Sex & Guts Magazine has an article by yours truly online. Care to guess the subject?

8. Mar, 03.

Added an essay written by Richard Stanley about British horror films during last few decades.

15. Feb, 03.

Dust Devil makes its way back to the big screen: On March 23rd, the film screens at the Flesh and Blood Film Festival in London, and will be presented by Richard Stanley himself. Read more about the festival at

Zoonshe has opened a rather nice site about Carl McCoy's Nomad character in Hardware. Glass Flats, Dune Sea does a fine job delving the character, featuring essays, script pages, fan fiction and more.

26. Jan, 03.

Added ranting about Dust Devil, The Great God Pan outline (since it's no longer up at and scans of the comic strip SHOK!, to which Hardware is based upon.

13. Nov, 02.

A DVD release of Hardware is possible according to DVDPlanet. They have a product listing page for it, and it seems they're using the US cut, which lacks some of the sex and violence of the UK version. The release date is tentively set to May 6th, 2003.

20. Oct, 02.

Site opened.

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