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Children of the Kingdom (Rel. 2002)
(a segment of Europe - 99euro-films 2 )

Children of The Kingdom | The 99euro-films website (in German)

Is it a gun? A camera? A knife? Children of the Kingdom shows the anonymous leading man (Richard Stanley) venturing into the true underworld of London, trapped inside a vicious loop towards his own, inescapable demise, which is recorded time and again on Digital Video. Ultimately, a camera is a weapon like any other - and even worse. By pressing play, we feed on the suffering of those unfortunate souls trapped on film, making them go through the horrific motions in an endless loop.

Originally released as part of Europe - 99euro-films 2, which consists of several short films shot on MiniDV with a budget of 99 euros - hence the title. The idea originated at the Oldenburg film festival in 2001, when a group of 12 aspiring German filmmakers screened the original 99euro-films, constructed from 5 minute film segments, each of them directed by a different person. Before the 2002 festival some profilic European filmmakers were given a shot to make a similar film, each segment set to a European city of their choice.

Europe - 99€ Films 2 has been released on DVD in early 2005, and can be ordered from, among other places.

(Left:) Richard Stanley, Xavery Zulawaski and Stephan Wagner at the Oldenburg filmfestival in 2002. (Right:) Stills of Stanley's segment.
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