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Incidents in an Expanding Universe (Rel. 1984)

Incidents in an Expanding Universe is a Super8-film running 45 minutes and is in fact considered a prequel to Hardware.

"It was the same characters, the same setting but very laid back, more of a comedy, in fact. That became the basis for the script, which turned increasingly mean and evolved into another draft which was where Mark 13 first appeared. Before that it was this weird story about Mo, Shades and these other strange dudes in Jill's apartment." [Richard Stanley in Fangoria #97.]

"It shows plainly where the roots of Hardware are, it comes from when I was 15, but it's quite a different film from Hardware. It's basically Hardware without the droid, which is hard to believe, but... it's the back story of how the characters met. It's Christmas Eve and Moe's in Jill's apartment and he's got one hand, and she's a scrap metal sculptress, and Shades lives right next door, and that section of first coming home for Christmas is identical to Hardware: the doors, the metal sculptures, but there's no droid... and most of the movie is a long flashback to how they originally met, where Moe is a soldier and they have an affair, and he goes to the war zone, has an affair with the nurse, comes back and attempts reconciliation... Shades is quite good, since he's played by the original Shades, the guy it was originally based on, he's much cooler, more natural than in Hardware." [Richard Stanley at Espoo Ciné.]

Incidents earned Stanley the IAC Gold Seal Award.

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