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Music videos

Video Discography Fields of the NephilimPreacher Man1987
Dawnrazor cover artFields of the NephilimBlue Water1987
Renegade SoundwaveKray Twins1987
Public Image Ltd.The Body1988
S'ExpressSuperfly Guy1988
ColdcutStop This Crazy Thing1988
Noir DésirAux Sombres Heros De L'amer1989
Blue PearlNaked in the Rain1991
Terror VisionAmerican TV1993
Simon BoswellTripping the Dark Fantastic2006
Fields of the NephilimThe 24th Moment - Live in Astoria2007 (unrel.)

Fields of the Nephilim

In the mid-80's, just after moving to England, Stanley came in touch with an aspiring goth rock band Fields of the Nephilim. He did the art directing on their album Dawnrazor and directed at least two of their videos, Preacher Man and Blue Water. After that he began working under the Wicked Films banner.

R.S.: "[Nephilim] had a spaghetti western/post nuke image. Sort of a goth/horror thing. The first video we did, and then the first album cover, second album cover, second video. And then I had a chance to invent the look of the band which was very exciting. I met them before they were signed, and had a big influence on how they actually looked. I did the album covers, and influenced them across the board."
[Sex & Guts Magazine #3, 2001.]
Carl McCoy: "'Those early videos were very tongue in cheek,' Carl can admit today. 'Neither of them had a big budget - "Preacher Man", for instance, was £500 - so we were limited by what we could do. Therefore the finished product had to be primarily for entertainment value.'"
[The official Fields of the Nephilim website.]

The second Nephilim video, Blue Water, turned out to be a particularly troublesome production.

R.S.:"The second Nephilim video 'Blue Water' hadn't turned out the way we wished, largely because of of bad luck in running into one of the worst storms in British history making the resulting cut into something of a salvage job."
[Kingdom Come, an R.S. MySpace blog, August 17th, 2007.]
[Carl McCoy:] "Well, that video went out of our control anyway, it went out of our hands. That wasn't our fault. It was very dramatic, cheap, if you like. Hammer horror." Tony [Pettit] looks dolefully up from his lager. "We had a lot of ideas for that video. We was gutted."
[Fields of the Nephilim in Melody Maker, May 21st, 1988.]

According to the FotN vocalist Carl McCoy, Stanley was also in talks to direct some videos for his new band - Nefilim - after the production of Hardware had been wrapped.

[Carl McCoy:] Carl and the band are also working on some new, very interesting videos to coincide with the release of the album, which is as of now still untitled. The videos are being directed by Richard Stanley, who did much of the Nephilim's earlier projects, including the chilling Preacher Man and Blue Water videos.
[...] "The full-length film I made with Richard Stanley called Hardware had a lot to do with this same theme. In it I played a harbinger-of-doom kind of character. Sort of an angel bringing the word of an angry God. It's based on a chapter in the Bible - Mark XIII - which is all about the flesh of man passing away from this mortal coil. It's heavy stuff."
[Propaganda Magazine #21, 1994.]

In April 2006, Stanley was announced to direct a video for FOTN's latest studio album, Mourning Sun. The track was later confirmed as Straight To the Light. The video never went into production.

On May 24th, 2007, Stanley helmed a live shoot of Fields of the Nephilim's show in London Astoria, their first live appearance in seven years. The material was set to become the basis of a DVD project, but very little has been heard of it eversince. In September, the official FOTN website announced that Carl McCoy had "taken the reins" in the production, but no subsequent update has been given.

Other videos

In early 2005, Stanley accompanied composer Simon Boswell to a trip to Rome, where they shot promotional footage for Boswell's upcoming album Open Your Eyes. The material featured the Italian horror filmmaker Dario Argento, to whom Boswell composed several films in the late 1980's. The resulting promo video, Tripping the Dark Fantastic, signifies Stanley's life-long admiration towards Argento's work, being a homage to the giallo films the latter is known for.

Contrary to popular belief, Stanley never worked with the group Pop Will Eat Itself.

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