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The White Darkness (Rel. 2002)

The White Darkness
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The White Darkness
Richard Stanley's Voodoo Diary

The White Darkness has been released as a part of Subversive Cinema's Dust Devil box-set.

In the year 2000, Richard Stanley was commissioned by BBC to film a Haitian segment for their Benedict Allen-hosted documentary series Last of the Medicine Men, focusing on the (in)famous Voodoo practices. Wandering around the countryside and recording their observations, the crew witnessed at first-hand that 'voudou', usually coined re-animating the dead, is mostly about interacting with and being possessed by otherworld spirits, a tradition which has lived through the occupation and missionary eras and has just recently been acknowledged as a certified religion among others.

Stanley also kept a journal of the trip and it was published in Fortean Times #140. A gripping read and also an interesting look at the many faces of Haiti, a country which is a US military outpost on one hand and the cradle of magic in the modern world on the other.

After the documentary was screened at BBC2 during the later half of the year 2000, Stanley was given access to the nearly 200 hours of footage shot during their visit in order to create his own, unique take on the political and religious boilings of Haiti. Thus The White Darkness was created. The world premiere of a work-in-progress cut was held at the Oldenburg film festival September 7th 2002, a year after their screening of The Secret Glory.

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