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The works featured here are published on the permission of Richard Stanley and are meant to be used for educational purposes only.

:: The Great God Pan
Introduction by Adisakdi Tantimedh
The Outline
The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen
Richard Stanley on Arthur Machen

The Great God Pan

by Richard Stanley and Adisakdi Tantimedh

- PROLOGUE. 1969. Hippy chick, tripped out on LSD, has sex with something not human... it has horns and a tail, and walks like a man...

- Bacchanalian orgy (Credit sequence) -- turns out to be fashion shoot.

MIRANDA QUILL introduced as hot young thang model. Typical fucked-up lost-girl model type, immersed in lifestyle of drugs, drinks and messy, destructive relationships with sleazy men. Weird reputation, adds to her mystique.

ROBERT DANE, jaded photojournalist, benevolently macho, protective of women but hopeless at understanding them, becomes curious about her. Especially after witnessing contretemps with latest sleazy abusive boyfriend.

- Robert rescues Miranda from weird tattooed pagan type on streets of Soho. Miranda convinced all sorts of weirdoes following her. Robert writes it off as drug-withdrawal paranoia.

- Miranda's sleazy boyfriend found dead. Suicide? All over the news. Journos and paparrazzi after her. Miranda stressed out. Robert is shoulder to cry on. Miranda has weird dreams. She becomes convinced it's something to do with her past: a mystery... her mother died, she was taken into care, always had weird visions and dreams, not to mention certain effect on men. This is not the first time a sleazy boyfriend dropped dead on her. Robert curious. Miranda won't say anymore.

- Some of Miranda's stalkers beat up Robert. They're not pagans, but claim to be be Christians. Obviously, he thinks, they're nutters stalking her, obsessed by her supermodel image. They warn him to stay away from her.

- Robert starts to dig around. Wonders if he's being watched as well. Finds Miranda's birth records: Father unknown. Abused by foster parents. Lots of sad stuff, but nothing weird.

- Robert tells Miranda what little he found. Huge chunks of questions still unanswered. She's pissed he dug up her dirt. He reveals he's in love with her. She falls in his arms, a little girl. Pagans come after them. Big chase. Robert fights, gets knocked out.

- Robert comes to. Dead pagan guy. What the fuck happened while he was out? Miranda missing. Where's she gone?

- Miranda wanders city in shock. Men hassle and proposition her. Without make-up, people don't quite recognise her as the big supermodel. She can't remember who she is or where she lives. Blood stains on her Donna Karan outfit. Christian nutters following her, but she's too freaked to notice. She's broke, has to beg for money. Going through drug withdrawal.

- Robert searches city for Miranda.

- Men offer Miranda money for sex. A john takes her to a hotel. Christian nutters follow them, break down the door, try to kill her with knives. BUT - the spilling of her blood awakens something primal in her. She goes berserk, massacres Christian nutters. She regains her senses, freaks out. Pagans find her. Take her away.

- Robert and her agency find her. She's safe, says she doesn't remember anything of the last few days. She apologises for wigging out, but she's fine now. Agency relieved, since they have several big jobs lined up, including a Benefit Fashion event for the Environment. Robert finds she's changed, sober, something different, but he can't figure out what. She starts to sleep with him. He is now obsessively in love.

- Miranda on her new assignments. Very professional. Glamour, picture of desire. Now you see why she's so big. Christians still stalking her. Pagans are watching her. Robert still worried.

- Miranda goes off to weekend party in the country. An estate. Will be full of drink, drugs, sleazy people, sex, orgies, the usual. Robert doesn't want her to go, but she says she has to.

- Robert gets a call from weird, fucked-up guy. Ex-boyfriend of Miranda's. Guy's shit-scared. Robert writes him off. Guy pulls a gun. Kidnaps Robert, forces him to listen.

Miranda's father is the pagan god Pan. She is like his avatar on Earth now. A reverse Christ. Her father was there before Christ, is much more scary than Christian.


Hippy chick at beginning is Miranda's mother, she had sex with the pagan god Pan.

Pure terror in pagan agenda. They have plans for her. She killed some of her sleazy boyfriends! Robert refuses to believe it. Guy tells him Christians and Pagans still after her. Weird shit coming. Robert wants to save her. Struggle with ex-boyfriend, accidentally kills him.

- Country party in full swing. Miranda goes through the motions.

- Robert gets mercenary gun-nut friend SKEEV to help him rescue Miranda. They set out.

- Pagans invade country party. Manson-style massacre. Pagans and Christians shoot it out. Loads of blood and ultraviolence. Robert and Skeev arrive, big shoot-out, rescue Miranda, kill a bunch of pagans and Christians.

- Robert and Miranda in hiding with Skeev. They make love. Miranda reveals to Robert she now knows what her purpose is. The pagans had been protecting her from the Christias!


After Miranda killed the Christians in the hotel, the pagans took her away and tell her the truth of her birth and her existence.

Miranda is the avatar of Pan, who works with Gaia the Earth Goddess, she is to herald the New Age, to wipe out the human race and let Mother Nature start over. A blood sacrifice at the solstice to get things going.

- Robert thinks she's just in shock. She tells Robert she loves him, but she has to fulfill her mission. There's a storm. Robert and Skeev lose her in the storm.

- Robert now totally obsessed. Skeev believes Miranda was telling the truth. They have to stop her. Where and how is she gonna do it? A blood sacrifice is required. A massive ritual is planned. But where? When? They spot adverts for the Environment Fashion Benefit event at the Solstice. So that's where they're gonna sacrifice her.

- Robert and Skeev sneak into the Gaia benefit. Recognise several of the pagans on the crew prepping stuff. Stone circles erected, sigils painted, but no one notices. Event being broadcast live all over the world.

- Event starts. Loads of flash, greenery, hypocritic earnestness about the environment. Finally -- Miranda brought on, looks in a trance, performance piece of her being sacrificed by male model dressed as goatman/ high priest manqué, all very cheesy. Only Robert and Skeev know the sacrifice is for real. Before the dagger is brought down, Robert and Skeev blow away high priest and several pagans and bodyguards. Jump on stage, try to rescue Miranda. "You're ruining everything!" she screams. Christian show up with lots of guns. MASSIVE SHOOT-OUT. Loads of people blown away in crossfire. Skeev gets killed.

- Miranda really pissed off now, unleashes her power -- slaughters Christians spectacularly. Robert freaks, realises she really was deadly all along. He shoots her with Skeev's gun. As she dies, she smiles. That's what she wanted all along. She is the avatar of nature and humanity, half-human, half-goddess, she has to shed her flesh to be able to really do damage.

- The sky turns strange colours. Electrical storms. Everything's fucked. Bye-bye humanity. Boy, has Robert really screwed up!


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