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The works featured here are published on the permission of Richard Stanley and are meant to be used for educational purposes only.


A screenplay by Richard Stanley
with revisions by Michael Fallon

This is a draft of the Hardware screenplay, dating prior to the final shooting script and after Miramax came aboard.

Stanley's writing is very slick and captivating, even poetic as the story approaches its unrelenting climax (which, I might add, packs even more heat than the filmed version). Mo is a more of an asshole than Dylan McDermott even was on screen, and Jill, while having some way-out-of-character moments, is already a strong heroine. Some of the dialog seems useless, and most of it could be the work of Miramax staff writer Mike Fallon. Fortunately most of the filler was cut out from the film.

While this draft lacks the most vile elements of the pre-Miramax drafts, Jill's fetish for Mo's hand and tattoos is still included to some extent. The death scenes are still quite gruesome, though we won't be having a page-full of Vernon getting tortured. Mo in particular comes to a very unpleasant end, with the MARK-13 turning out to be one ruthless bastard.

Pop Quiz: In the draft Lincoln and Jill share a certain unfilmed scene, which was later almost directly transferred to Dust Devil. Remember the antagonist and Saartjie Haarhoff about five minutes into the film? There's also a gold watch featured in both works...

  Date Unknown
Page count 120
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