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The works featured here are published on the permission of Richard Stanley and are meant to be used for educational purposes only.


Dust Devil - A screenplay by Richard Stanley, 2nd draft, December 1990.

An early production draft of Dust Devil, still some six months away from principal photography. Some decidedly different character arcs and additional coverage not yet squashed by on-set rewrites and postproduction interventions. A slightly more verbose Hitch and more frail Wendy comes across Ben and Mark, the odd couple who develop more of a passing kinship than in the final cut. After that, there will be blood...

Hardware - A screenplay by Richard Stanley, revised by Michael Fallon.

An undated draft of Richard Stanley's debut feature, a wonderful read. One can only admire how well everything, starting with the film's general outlook and the atmosphere, was thought out on paper before shooting a single frame. The characters and their unfortunate events are even better...

Hardware 2: Ground Zero - A screenplay by Richard Stanley.

The great, unmade scifi screenplay by Richard Stanley has for years been known as The Island of Dr. Moreau.

This is because very few people have ever heard of Hardware 2: Ground Zero.

The Island of Dr. Moreau - A screenplay by Richard Stanley and Michael Herr, revised by Walon Green.

What could still be said about the screenplay that was the cornerstone of one the greatest possibilities in filmmaking in the past ten years? I guess not much, aside from the fact that most of the people singing praises about it haven't even read it. Now, leave the hype at the door, along with possible prejudice. Even though this draft has clearly been touched by the studio system already, it still delivers a painstakingly accurate suggestion of what could've been...

The Great God Pan - A treatment by Richard Stanley and Adisakdi Tantimedh. Originally appeared in, 2002.

The Great God Pan is a roughly outlined adaptation of Arthur Machen's novel, written by Stanley and Adisakdi Tantimedh in 1996. The novel tells about an attractive mystery woman, who has a tendency to get men around her broke and begging on the streets... or worse. Soon is revealed that the lady has a quite frightening background, involving something in the woods of her childhood home.

The outline updates the story, moving it to the nineties. It involves sex, violence, pagans and fashion. Despite the sketchy nature it's a pretty fun read, yet will probably never evolve to a complete screenplay, since both Stanley and Tantimedh have moved on.

The Trail of the Three Mothers - an online journal by Richard Stanley. Originally appeared in R.S.' MySpace, between September and December, 2007.

Richard Stanley recalls how Dario Argento movies sent him to a journey spanning through decades, searching for the truth behind Argento's recently completed 'Three Mothers' trilogy.

"File under heading 'supernatural serial thriller', a metatextual detective story ala Dan Brown by way of that inimitable maestro of the macabre, the one and only Dario Argento so if you don't like 'freaky stuff' then tune out now! You have been warned. Otherwise its time to dust off those old Goblin albums and gather round."

Kingdom Come - an open letter to the Pentagon by Richard Stanley. Originally appeared in R.S.' MySpace on August 16th, 2007.

Richard Stanley reminisces on his times in the Soviet-Afghan war in 1989, as well as the aftermath of 9/11, spurred by the more recent interest from the powers that be on this very site.

"Since I've obviously got your attention I thought I'd tell you a story. It's an old story and you've probably heard it before, but to set the record straight I will try to tell you about my role in 'World War Three' - not my choice of words, but that's how the spook phrased it when he debriefed myself and Ms. Moor at Grosvenor Square a few days after 9/11. He went by the name of 'James'."

I wake up, screaming - Dust Devil Diary by Richard Stanley. Originally appeared in Projections #3, 1994.

"The dreams came first. The dark man, his face hidden, his hat pulled low, his coat gathered around him, standing alone in the wasteland, staring towards the lights of the town, a storm brewing somewhere not far behind him.

[...] In July 1991 I flew back to Namibia to finish what I had begun so many years before, praying that, with the support of an international co-production and the resources made available to me by the highest budget I had ever been entrusted with, I would finally have a chance to beat the jinx and capture the demon that was the soul of that bleak country on film."

The White Darkness - Voodoo Diary by Richard Stanley. Originally appeared in Fortean Times #140, 2000.

"Born out of the bloody uprisings of 1791, the complex, primal rituals of voodoo, (or voudou, or vodun - 'invisible force' in the Fon language of Benin), fuse West African and Roman Catholic beliefs in ways that many still find shocking. Commissioned by the BBC, filmmaker Richard Stanley spent three months in Haiti meeting priests, priestesses (houn'gan) and the loa (spirits), that were regularly invited to possess them, sending the displaced egos of the writhing supplicants deep into the void - the 'white darkness'."

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